The Gym Dandys were started in 1976 by Danny Warbutton. He began the team with a dream and a small group of gymnasts that followed him from their former team, the B.G.’s of Monessen, where Danny had been a co-owner. The Gym Dandys home is Warbutton’s Gymnastics Academy, doing business as Meadowlands Gymnastics Training Center since 1984. Danny, along with his wife Sue, were the heart and soul of the Gym Dandys until their semi-retirement in 2004, when Scotty Miller and Karen Clark became the owners of Meadowlands Gymnastics Training Center. The Gym Dandys have had many successes over the years. There have been 11 Elite Gymnasts, over 60 National Competitors and 10 State Championship teams. In addition to the National Qualifiers we have had an abundance of State and Regional Champions, too numerous to name. We are a team that is well respected around the gymnastics community for our outstanding athlete and a champion image that we portray. Because of these accomplishments the Gym Dandy gymnastic team of Washington, PA has been named one of the top 20 gymnastic teams in the country. Read more here: History Philosophy Facility Coaches



345 Meadowland Blvd.
Washington, PA 15301

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