Class Programs Philosophy

Our goal at Meadowlands Gymnastics is to develop strong, healthy, happy and confident children with challenging,
yet fun activities through the sport of gymnastics.

Competitive Philosophy

Gymnastics develops in the successful gymnast all the “BEST” physical, mental and moral virtues that make up the nature
of a truly admirable person. At the same time however, it requires of the gymnast the best that he or she can deliver, before
success can be achieved.

It is the aim of the Meadowlands Gymnastics Training Center and its staff to develop the best gymnasts – CHAMPIONS –
by providing its students with the BEST coaching experience and skill, BEST training facilities, BEST competition, where,
after all, championship qualities emerge and are proven.


But, in the final analysis, the success of each gymnast rests within the gymnast themselves. The personal attributes
demanded of the gymnast who wants to succeed are many. The athlete must have absolute desire to be the best;
or at the very least develop gymnastic skills to the best of their ability. The gymnast must be:

  • Truly dedicated to the sport and its training requirements
  • Determined to progress and improve continually
  • Strongly self discipled and difficult to discourage
  • Courageous (but never reckless)
  • Continually establishing goals and striving to achieve them
  • Willing to accept coaching and training discipline
  • Quick to comprehend and carry out instructions and directions
  • Work with diligence
  • Honest, attentive, obedient, enthusiastic, and pleasant
  • Cooperative with all classmates and teammates
  • And finally….the Gym Dandy’s gymnast must be a gracious winner…but, more importantly, lose with the same kind of graciousness.

Other important elements necessary to the gymnastic student’s success – elements that can not be stressed too
strongly…are the sincere support, cooperation, and encouragement of parents. When the gymnast successfully
puts together all of these attributes and elements in combination with their physical abilities, then- win or lose-
that individual has attained all the qualities of a CHAMPION.



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