Cartwheel-A-Thon to Benefit “Unite for Her” Against Breast Cancer

Meadowlands Gymnastics is going to sponsor a Cartwheel-a-thon the week of November 5-11 for all school age class students and team members!!

The Gym Dandys attended the Pink Invitational in Philadelphia in February, 2009-2016.  All of the Proceeds went to Unite For Her, an organization that offers support programs for women and girls that are affected by breast cancer. The competition raised over $450,000 in donations in 2016.  Over SEVENTY teams participated in a team challenge in February, 2016, raising over $130,000.  The Gym Dandys hosted a Cartwheel-a-thon in the fall of 2009 in our own facility and raised $6500 and have hosted a cartwheel-a-thon ever since.  We have raised over $48,000 over those 8 years. Unfortunately, we have to finish in the top 3 clubs for the  money to come directly back to a hospital of our choice.  2014 was the first year that a check wasn’t presented on our behalf to a local hospital.  In the past Magee Women’s Hospital has been the recipient of the donation, because it was written the most on class student and team members pledge forms as the recommended donation center. In 2015, we raised over $7600, $2500 went directly to Magee Women’s Hospital, while approximately $5100 went to Unite for Her.   Due in part to all of your support and the wonderful work that Unite for Her does, Magee Women’s Hospital is partnering with Unite for Her to offer grants to women in need that are afflicted with breast cancer. The Gym Dandys will be attending the Ninth Annual Pink Invitational in February 2017 and will participate in the team challenge by way of this Cartwheel-a-thon.  Teams have passed us up over the last three years, —we have raised the bar!  Again, this year we will earmark $2500 that is raised in our cartwheel-a-thon to Magee Women’s Hospital, to insure that we continue our support to them.

2014 Pink meet


The cartwheel-a-thon will be held the first 20 minutes of each class during the above listed week.  Class instructors and team members will count cartwheels. Gymnasts will do cartwheels for five minutes. Every student will receive a pink wristband.  Any student that raises over $50 will receive a cartwheel-a-thon t-shirt.  The class student that raises the most money will receive a free leotard or Gym Dandy Hoodie; we will also have the same prize for a team member as well.

All children will participate, whether they get pledges or not!!  We will use blocks for those children just learning cartwheels or allow them to do forward rolls—it will be fun for all!!

All Pledge money will be due back to the front desk by Saturday, December 3, 2016.  All checks should be made payable to GDGA, which is a non-profit organization.  We will then forward the donation to the meet host.  We thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

Download pledge forms by clicking here: cartwheel-a-thon



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